ADD/ADHD Parenting Workshop

You will learn:

  • How to take back control without being controling.
  • Improve your communication skills by understanding the spoken and unspoken ADD/ADHD language.
  • How to be the Mom/Dad you intended to be
  • The geologists tools to discover hidden jewels in your child
  • How to promote self management skills within your child
  • The ability to constructively discuss, brainstork and solve problems together
  • Move out of living "crisis to crisis"  and begin living a predictalbe and pleasent lifestyle.
  • How to deal with someon in denial.
  • What you need to now about ADHD treatment.
  • Parenting tools designed to work for hte ADD/ADHD mind.


The next workshop by phone will be starting on Sunday December 23rd at 11 am EST for 6 consecutive weeks. Each class is about 1 hour long with time for questions at the end of each call. (Questions can be asked on call or emailed in to be answered) All signups for the phone class will also get the class by email and be able to listen later by phone so that you can listen at your convenience.
For live workshops in your neighborhood in Israel please Contact Us

Session 1 The most effective plan for ADHD management made possible for everyone.
Session 2 Creating a user friendly environment.
Session 3 Baskets - The Parent Control Center
Session 4 Cooperative Problem Solving
Session 5 Treatment
Session 6 When we though we had "it all under control
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Pricing and Refund

Only $97 per person
This includes:
Listening by phone live
Questiong and Answer after each class
Receiving a copy of the class recorded to your email
1 set hour a week just to take questions from participants of this class.
Full 100% refund offered if you are unsatisfied and cancel before the second session.