ADHD Coaching, like life coaching, addresses the specific needs and aspirations of ADHD clients. ADHD Coaching addresses clients’ personal, family, and professional needs and goals by honing in on the ADHD mindset and understanding areas of difficulty. ADHD Coaching uses a strengths-based approach to self-management.The supportive, collaborative, and goal-focused coaching methodology focuses on bringing out the very best of each client by tapping into the powerful ADHD brain.

ADHD coaching involves externalizing systems, setting up a working structure and breaking projects into bite size pieces,. ADHD friendly exercises & strategies enable clients to increase accountability, find purpose in life, and discover their best self.

ADHD Coaching addresses the needs of people with dealing with ADHD by creatively combining three areas:
  1. Education: The coach shares research-based information regarding aspects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as per the client’s need and interest level. The coach may also offer information about tools, medication, and other resources available based on the need or request of the client.
  2. Skills Coaching: The coach and client collaborate to develop a conscious awareness of the client’s strengths, challenges, and resources. They work together to leverage that awareness, develop conscious competence, and create systems and strategies tailored to bring out the client’s assets. Coach and client work together to create a supportive environment that will strengthen the client’s pragmatic management abilities.
  3. Life Coaching: The client is regarded as an intelligent, creative, and resourceful person; an authority on his/her identity, wants and needs. Coaching is client-centered, client-driven, and confidential. The coach works with the client in a thought-provoking and creative manner to facilitate self-awareness and the achievement of self-identified goals. The coach provides a sense of accountability and structure so that the client can achieve those goals.

My Goal:

In my work as an ADHD coach, I meet my clients at whatever point in life they’re holding. All clients have their own goals, issues, dreams and values and my goal is to help clients meet their individual needs and wants by helping them avoid the many common ADHD pitfalls. I work with my clients to turn ADHD into an asset that can be built on.

As Dr. Ed Hallowell has said: “To have ADHD is to have a Ferrari engine for a brain, but with bicycle brakes.” My goal is to help my clients strengthen those brakes so that they can win and celebrate many races.


When I look at my life before going to Levi Yitzchok and afterward, there is just no comparison. He has a knack for getting straight to the point—no psychobabble here!—so that you see results very quickly. His intuition, sensitivity, and the fantastic imagery he uses have made a huge impact on every area of my life: First my job, then my family, and most of all, between me and myself. Whether you are or aren't ADHD, I would say that Levi Yitzchok is hands-down one of the most helpful counselors you could see.”


I highly recommend Levi Yitzchak Albert, ADHD Coach. He has helped our son, and us, really understand ADHD and how best to deal with it and prevent a lot of heartache. We've seen tremendous growth with our son, who had been kicked out of school for afternoon classes. After starting sessions with Levi Yitzchak, our son has been accepted back to school and the menahel and teachers are so much more supportive with his help, which is something I didn't think was possible. Levi Yitzchak gives very practical tools, which the neurologists leave out. He has a very deep understanding and perception of people, and walking into his room one feels warmth, positivity and acceptance. We thought we were going for our son, but we've gained much more that has helped our whole family. I think every institution should use his services. They'll only gain from it.”