My approach in coaching people with ADHD is a bit different from general coaching. I feel obligated to help anyone dealing with ADHD, on any level, and at any stage in life, no matter what, that they first become totally aware of how ADHD manifests itself. This is an educational process. A person finds out and discovers who he himself, spouse, child, or student really is. And most important we discover that ADHD is not a deficit or disorder. Rather ADHD is a way of being, that is associated with major success and is a contributing asset to life. I guarantee you - you will get a new picture of what ADHD really is.

My goal isn’t just to help a person to set up and use organizational and structural skills or how to guide parents in raising children when dealing with ADHD. Rather, through the educational process, my true driving passion is to help the client come to his own realization, and feel that such a powerful transformative change has happened and will continuously happen within him/herself. It’s as if he's become a new person attaining a new meaning towards his present, past, and future.

From that point the person is usually very motivated to help himself in every way. Learning how to structure himself to success. We explore how, what’s known as executive functioning skills affects us, and how to use it in a productive fashion. I will help a person to really get in sync with himself. Creating clarity with “what” he really wants from himself or his situation. And then understanding and making clear the “why” (that is, his driving force behind whatever is it he really wants) on its deepest level, guarantees achievement, growth and a life of fulfillment. We should view managing, handling and excelling with the traits of ADHD as a life long mission. I say strive, create progress, conquer and then do it again. Life with ADHD isn’t just a ride around the block, a short term cruise. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your new life’s journey. Remember our only limitations are our expectations.