ADHD Parenting Workshop

Session #1: The most Effective Plan for ADHD management made possible for everyone.

  • A look at the DSM 5
  • What is missing in the DSM 5?
  • Understand the executive functions
  • Mirror Traits - two sides to every coin.
  • ADHD genetically influenced neurobiological condition.
  • The power of our focus.
  • Some of the most creative, caring, original, and smart kids.
  • Harness the qualities reap the Rewards.
  • ADHD weakness and Strengths; build on the strengths and strengthen the weakness
  • An ultimate growth process for both child and parent

Session #2 :User Friendly Environment

  • Change how we see an ADHD child then the child will change.
  • 5 steps for continuous success.
  • Transformational compliments
  • Adult Emotional Health tooted in Childhood

Session # 3: Baskets – Parents Control Center

  • Prioritizing issues – choose your battles (smart ones)
  • True parental authority lies in adult self-control
  • Strong parents Baskets – What fits in? When to apply it. How to prepare your child for effective basket usage
  • The policy of solitude neglect
  • Throw out the psychologist that teaches “lock out the child”

Session #4: Cooperative Problem Solving

  • Developing cognitive skills
  • Solving problems together with you.
  • Moving away from solutionizing
  • Skills for life
  • Effective communication skills
  • Use the power of synergy
  • Validate

Session #5: Treatment of ADHD, All options considered

  • Medication optimization
  • What the psychiatrist’s don’t tell you
  • Brain development on medicine
  • O.P.A
  • Mindfulness
  • Exercise
  • Vitamins
  • Structure, Reminders, Accountability – the key to it all is to externalize them

Session #6: After we thought we had it all under control.

  • When the storm hits after the calm; how to handle it?n
  • Expect it and prepare for it in advance. Think of ADHD management as a marathon not a sprint.
  • Use of DBT skills
  • The inevitable SLIP & SLIDE
  • Learn how to interpret the situation for what it is