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ADHD/ADD Coaching and guidance by phone

It's that easy. That's why over 50% of coaching is done over the phone today. It's been proven to be effective & efficient. Many people living within close proximity to their coach prefer having these meetings over the phone. You could find yourself a nice quiet place where you feel comfortable and at ease. Nobody else has to know anything about you or where you are going. Another benefit is you will save hours, not having to travel back and forth for your appointment. Above all today there are no barriers between you and an extraordinary ADHD coach (that is a frum religious Jewish ADHD coach). You don't need to settle for ... your local fix it man. And if you want to visit me in my office, I'm always here and you are always welcome

Contact Me by email or phone. Tell me when a good time is for you to set up a meeting. If you call and leave a message on the phone, please leave clear details, your telephone number clearly and when a good time to reach you is.