It is important to get a clear picture of what ADHD really is. Often, ADHD is described only by its negative effect on an individual. That approach is very misleading, dangerous and simply not true. Let’s begin. Attention deficit hyperactive disorder, a condition that is most of the time genetically transmitted, is the current official label for this magnificent and powerful mind. This label evolved through a shorthanded look at the situation, without truly understanding the ADHD story.

Studies show that the ADHD brain is a healthy, fully, functional brain. It has the same amount of hormones, like dopamine and norepinephrine as the neuro typical person. These are neurotransmitters that transfer the incoming and outgoing information between two neurons in the brain. The ADHD brain does have its own set of rules, namely activating it into engagement and creating inhibition (that means pressing the brakes). You could say that it’s wired or created to work in a way that very much resembles the ADHD person, that is spontaneous and unplanned. This is the natural source of the ADHD trademarks known as “distraction” (or involuntary wandering of attention), “impulsivity”, and “hyperactive or restlessness.

Not understanding the rules of the ADHD brain and letting it just be, is what earned people with ADHD the name of being consistently inconsistent. That’s actually how parts of this healthy brain works. Once understood though, you will be the one who makes the calls and begin to consistently take authority over every thought, word and action. It’s not to say that this is a neurological disease. When ADHD is not understood and taken care of properly, ADHD can certainly create “diss-ease” in every area of live in general.

The facts are the ADHD person actually has a surplus of attention. That means their mind picks up everything. That’s awesome, but one needs to learn to manage ADHD if they want to experience its value. It’s the exact opposite of attention deficit. “Hyperactive” – that’s power, vibrancy, strength physically and intellectually. Get in tune with it, understand it and learn how to maneuver it. Learn how to do that and you are set for life.

One of my oldest clients, a fellow way into his 70’s is up early in the morning (5:30 am), learns the Daf Yomi, is teaching himself a new language, lifts weights and works out. The list goes on of what he’s set to accomplish. Where does that come from? A protein shake? No way. It’s called H.A.! H.A.! or HyperActive. It’s one of the innate powers that comes along with ADHD. I wouldn’t call that a disorder. Would you?

I compare ADHD to a foreign language. There is nothing wrong with speaking Spanish. However, if you and the people around you think and assume you're speaking English, but the message that’s coming across sounds and looks like Spanish, it's a great set up for lots of frustration, misunderstanding, disappointments, and the reason why the ADHD person often feels under achieved. Again, Spanish is great but if the speaker doesn’t know it and the listener doesn’t understand it, you won’t get too far. ADHD is just that, it’s a different language, other than the other 90% of the population. The good news is, is that by understanding the ADHD language and mastering its ins and outs, the successes you will achieve will sky rocket. This includes all areas of your life: marriage, children, profession, work, learning, relationships in general, even your connection with G-d. And unlike learning a new language that takes a long time, the impact of understanding the language of ADHD is something you will probably experience on the first day of learning about it.

Take ADDvantage of this small message on ADHD. This positive turnaround is really a fun and exciting journey. Yes, it requires work, but this new understanding often gives one the feeling of a new life. A clean slate. Now what you once viewed as an ADDversary in life is really ADDmirable, as it ADDvances you in your life’s ADDventure.