Make A Difference

I remember back in my northeast Philadelphia grade school we all had to chip in to ADOPT a whale. (I’m serious) They even sent us a picture of the whale with all his details (credit card included). Now is your opportunity to create a tremendous act of kindness anonymously. By taking under your wings the opportunity to allow another person, child or adult, to receive help in managing and growing with their ADHD, this is nothing less than adopting a person. And not only have you helped that individual, you’ve saved their marriage and children. You’ve guaranteed them and hopefully future generations a super productive future.

May Hashem Bless You

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100% of your donation is used only towards persons treatment plan.

Current Opportunity
There is a school for boys ages 17-21. I have spoken there a couple of times to all of the boys and it's been truly amazing. I'll meet the boys on the street and they just want to know when I'm coming back. The Dean has told me that he's waiting until his budget will allow it, and in the meantime current teachers haven't been paid. Partially due to the fact that many of these boys have parents who don't pay or don't have parents.
These boys lives could be turned around. They don't need to wait. I'm asking you to make a difference in their lives. I will match your contribution.