As a coach do you get involved with the schools, for example, I feel the teacher doesn’t connect with my ADHD son at all, and when he does the results are destructive and at best unproductive, which is also destructive on a different level?


Yes, on a number of occasions I personally have gone down to schools, spoken to principals and to teachers. Is it really the place of the coach to do that? Well someone who can do it needs to do it - someone who cares and is knowledgeable in ADHD, and is able to share this information in a respectable manner.

Consideration must be shown towards all who are involved; usually that’s 3, the school, the student, the parents. It is important to remember and view the school as part of treatment for the child. After all the child is in school for a large part of the day. If we could get it to go right, the school system could be extremely beneficial and contribute an immense amount to the growth of our ADHD children.

Remember in treating ADHD, we are looking to expand and grow, we are creating bridges mentally, socially, emotionally, financially and even spiritually. School is an important part of life and the teacher student relationship is an important one. If there is a bridge but it’s shaky, tighten it. Just please take caution not to burn the bridge, use it as an opportunity, be a living example to your child on how to take on a challenge, how to face frustration, resistance and turn them into gifts of life to climb higher and become the best people we could really be.

Good luck.

I have written up one page to help teachers better understand their ADHD students. It also includes a few tips to guarantee success in the classroom. It is currently in Hebrew translation in English is one the way. Click Here for the hebrew letter to teachers.