QUESTION: My daughters teachers are always complaining that the 11 yr old can't sit still during chumash class. They say she's disruptive and bothering the class. I don't know what to do anymore. I've spoken to her doctor, teacher's and even the principal. I don't want to yell at my child. She gets most of her homework done without to much stress at home. I just can't stand the complaints from school. Can you advise us? Thank you!


To concerned parent about 11 yr old daughter.
First, what did the dr. say to you?  Medicine could help however it’s not the full solution. Also in dealing with the meds a optimizing the dosage or if needed, sometimes trying a different medicine, these are normal things. If she is taking let’s say Ritalin, it’s suggested not to consume any forms of vitamin C, for it can neutralize the potency if the medicine. Aside from that here are a couple of good ideas that could really help.
1. Before she goes to school have her do jumping jacks for a few minutes. If it’s possible she should do them again by recess in school.
2. Speak to the teacher, explain to her that you “are” dealing with the situation. Ask her if it’s possible for your daughter to pace around a bit in the back of the class quietly. Let teacher know that you’ve explained to your child to do this without disturbing.
3. Arm your daughter with silly putty. It’s a great way to engage certain parts of the mind allowing the other parts of the mind focus on what’s important. This too needs to be explained to the teacher so that the child doesn’t get yelled at for playing with a toy. Sometimes that toy is equal of a necessity like a wheelchair for the paralyzed. Above all make it a point of importance to show your child you appreciate love and respect her.